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Hate waking up to the sound of the low-water alarm from your Gourmia Sous Vide cooker?

Home chefs who attempt overnight-cooks will often find that the hot water evaporates much quicker than they expect. This is the problem our lid was designed to solve. The Cellar Made Sous Vide lid was designed specifically for the Rubbermaid Commercial 12 quart food storage containers. It features an opening in the lid precisely sized to fit the Gourmia Cooker. This combination creates a nearly air-tight seal on the container with the Anova in place which allows the evaporated water to condense on the underside of the lid. Once it cools it will then drip back into the container creating a cycle which prevents water from escaping. Because the lid is flexible it can be easily installed & removed while the Anova is mounted to the container. The lid can also be used to clamp the top of the bags to the container keeping them away from the business end of the Anova cooker.

The lid is suitable for use in a food service facility and is made from LLDPE (linear low-density polyethylene) for flexibility and resistance to cracks, punctures, and certain chemicals and can be wiped clean. Tabs on each corner allows the lid to be lifted easily. The lid is recessed for stacking two or more containers. Note, does not include the container or the Anova cooker.

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